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Keeping your heirloom and antique rugs in peak condition can allow you to pass these items on to future generations and can protect your investment more effectively. The Infinity Rug Care team can provide expert restoration services to preserve the value of your rug and to return it to its former pristine condition. We go the extra mile for our South Florida residents and use the latest and most effective techniques to restore your rug’s beauty and functionality.

Causes of Rug Damage

Damage to Oriental and area rugs can occur in a number of different ways:

  • Curled-up edges and corners are usually the result of unrelieved tension on the entire rug. These issues require solid expertise to prevent recurrences and to ensure that the problem is resolved without further damage to your rug.
  • Moth larvae can eat holes in rug fibers, leaving bald spots that must be repaired to maintain optimal appearance.
  • Dye bleed, also known as color run, usually occurs at or near the time of manufacture and may be difficult to remediate after that period.
  • Wear across the middle of the rug usually requires sourcing of similar threads or yarns and expert reweaving of the damaged portions of the rug.
  • Many rugs become worn or damaged along fold lines. This usually requires mending not only the knots and pile of the rug but also the backing fabrics to which these components are attached.

In some cases, the fringe or edges of the rug may be frayed or damaged. The team at Infinity Rug Care can provide you with the most effective solutions for these problems and many others.

INFINITY RUG CARE | South Florida Rug Repair

The Right Solutions for Rug Damage

At Infinity Rug Care, we can deliver the best repair options for your valuable Oriental or antique rug. Our exclusive process includes the following key steps:

  • Identifying and procuring the right yarns and threads to match your rug’s design and dyes
  • Rebuilding the structural elements of your rug to ensure greater stability
  • Reknotting pile with careful attention to the designs and dye patterns
  • Expert rebuilding of edges and fringes to prevent fraying and ensure greater longevity

Because every rug is different, Infinity Rug Care offers customized restoration services designed to suit your budget and your needs perfectly.

If your rug needs a little tender loving care to look its best, call Infinity Rug Care at 954-842-2787 to set up an appointment with one of our rug restoration experts. We can provide you with an accurate assessment of its condition and an estimate of the costs to repair any damaged areas, allowing you to enjoy these heirloom rugs for many years to come.

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