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Dania Beach, better known as Dania to residents of our area, is known as the Antique Capital of the South thanks to the numerous antique and curio shops located in the downtown section of the city. Many residents of Dania and the surrounding areas have antique, heirloom or Oriental rugs that may have been passed down for generations. Making sure that these treasured floor treatments retain their beauty and functionality can help you and your family enjoy these items for many years to come. At Infinity Rug Care, we have the proven expertise and experience needed to clean and restore your rugs to ensure the greatest longevity for these family heirlooms.

Practical Help for Pet Stains

The Dania Oriental rug cleaning experts at Infinity Rug Care can provide you with the most effective options for removing pet stains and odors from your rugs. We inspect your rug for damage and colorfastness before beginning the cleaning process, allowing you and your family to feel more confident when seeking help from our technicians. Infinity Rug Care can remove all traces of pet odor and staining to help your rugs look and smell fresh and clean once again.

The Right Solutions for Dania Oriental Rug Cleaning

Our team can provide you with expert rug cleaning services. We use the latest techniques and our own exclusive 10-step process to make sure that your rug looks great and smells fresh when we return it to your home. Our professional technicians can provide you with the most practical solutions to help you keep your rug looking great year after year.

Rug Repair and Reweaving

If the fringe of your rug has become detached from the edge or if you have significant areas of wear and tear, Infinity Rug Care can provide professional reweaving and repair services. We offer expert color matching services that can ensure the most beautiful results for your repair project. The team at Infinity Rug Care can help you restore your rug or carpet to its original beauty at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

If you need the best in Dania Oriental rug cleaning, repairs or restoration, give Infinity Rug Care a call today at 954-951-8580. Our team of expert technicians will be happy to work with you to ensure that your rugs are clean and beautiful to ensure the healthiest environment for you and your family in the Dania Beach area.

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