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Broward Oriental Rug Cleaning to Protect Your Precious Heirlooms

Broward County, Florida, boasts nearly two million residents. Many of these individuals and families were drawn to the area by its sunny climate, entertainment options and employment opportunities. The humid climate, sandy beaches and hot temperatures can sometimes result in stained or damaged Oriental and antique rugs. At Infinity Rug Care, our Broward Oriental rug cleaning experts can help you restore your heirlooms to like-new condition with the most advanced techniques in the market today.

Our Innovative Deep-Cleaning Method

Our Broward Oriental rug cleaning experts use a specialized 10-step process to remove odors, stains and dust from your rugs quickly and effectively. It all starts with a thorough inspection to determine the current condition of your antique or Oriental rug. We then test its colorfastness and the overall structural integrity of your rug to determine the right cleaning method. Dust is removed and any stains are pretreated to remove odors and to help to remove discoloration caused by pets, spills and other accidents. Your rug will be immersed in water and cleaning fluids to eliminate odors and stains, allowing it to look its absolute best. Multiple rinses will ensure that all traces of these chemicals are removed along with the dirt and grime, leaving your rug fresh and beautiful once more. We dry your rug completely and then deliver it to you to complete the process.

Professional Rug Repair from Infinity Rug Care

If you need repair services for your antique Persian, Chinese or Oriental rug, we can custom-match yarn to restore your heirloom item to its original appearance. Our team of expert rug technicians will examine any worn or damaged areas to ensure the most effective approach to repairing your rug. Our meticulous attention to detail allows you to enjoy greater peace of mind when entrusting your antique and Oriental rugs to us.

Pet Stains and Odors

If you have cats or dogs, you may experience occasional accidents that could mar the appearance and the beauty of your Oriental rugs. At Infinity Rug Care, we specialize in removing all evidence of these accidents and restoring the beauty of your rug. We can help you enjoy the healthiest environment inside your Broward County home.

If you need the best in Broward Oriental rug cleaning and repair, call Infinity Rug Care today at 954-210-5129. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the best rug care in our area.

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